Indonesian President Sympathy to the Shooting Victims in Papua

Some days ago, the workers who are working on the Trans Papua Road were attacked by a group of separatist. They are believed to be the free west Papua movement that wants to separate from Indonesia. They want Papua to be free and stand as a single nation, not one part of Indonesia. However, despite of their main purpose to separate from Indonesia, it is not something tolerable to kill all of those innocent workers just because they are working for the Indonesian government.

As the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo personally stated his sympathy through the press conference related with this incident. He personally stated that he is going to check the condition in Papua soon, because at the time being, he only gets the information from the TNI and POLRI commanders and leaders. Based on the information from many west Papua news, the President is going to take a short visit to the area where the incident happened. That is because he wanted to give a little moral boost to the people who are working for the better Papua in the future.

On the press conference, the President said that it is not something easy to do what all of those workers are doing. Joko Widodo as the President was only signing the project, while the works are done all of those workers. That is why he gave his deepest sympathy to all of the victims of the west Papua conflict there. He also stated that he realized that Papua has a lot of potentials, but the infrastructure on this island is one of the worst. That is why he wanted to make the Trans Papua Road with the total distance of 46,000 kilometers that can easily connect many different district in Papua. That is one simple thing but totally hard to realize, but the President will never stop doing that.


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