Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package for Anventurous Souls

Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package for Anventurous Souls. Semeru is the tallest mountain in Java. It has been a favorite destination for tourists and professional hikers. Semeru trekking tour packages are widely available because of high demand worldwide. The trip is definitely not effortless. In fact, trekkers must bring medical check result before registering themselves into the program. Days even weeks prior climbing, they are required to do various type of exercises with gradual increase in complexities. Not only physical preparation, trekkers have to make sure that you are mentally and emotionally balanced. There are so many challenges that you will have to face during climbing, but the end result is well worth it.

Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package for Anventurous Souls

Travel Adventure With Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package

Semeru trekking tour starts at the base in Ranu Pane. Trekkers get the chance to rest their body for few hours in order to prepare for next journey. The sight of crystal clear lake water and mountains will certainly boost energy. Before climbing, trekkers need to stop at the mountain’s registration office to submit their documents as well as paying entrance fee. From that point, you will spend four hours trekking to the next base, Ranu Kumbolo. The track is not quiet challenging but will drain your energy nonetheless. It is expected that trekkers will get there during in the middle of day. To cool down yourself, you can swim in the fresh water.


After resting and eating, you will head to Kalimati. It is a camp base and last stop before trekkers are reaching the summit. You will rest there overnight before continuing on the journey. Climbing will be started so early in the morning. Trekkers have to make sure they have prepared necessary equipment. The track to summit is very steep. They are also running risk of inhaling poisonous gas. It is also important to wear sufficient clothing to avoid hypothermia. Despite all the hassles, Semeru trekking tour is an experience that you will not forget.

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