Things to Look For Before Mounting Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani Trekking classified as one of the Seven Summit of Indonesia is highly recommended to visit during the holiday season, especially for those who like adventure or challenge. Because for the tourists who want to get to the top of Rinjani requires effort, hard work, perseverance and unyielding determination to not stop in the middle of the road because not a few climbers who finally give up when it is approaching the peak. The deep sandy terrain will be the toughest path that the climbers have to pass to enjoy the natural beauty of Lombok Island from the heights of Rinjani that is very fascinating. To reach the top of the last post you can spend up to 4 hours even more depending on your efforts.

But in addition to the sandy terrain you also have to pass other terrain that is not less challenging like the savanna meadow that spread wide from the entrance climb to pos 1, from the post 1 to post 2 and a small part of heading 2 to post 3 if you climb from the village Sembalun . Therefore you should be prepared to receive sunburn and hot weather during the climb which will last approximately 4 hours in the savanna grassland. This is absolute because the climb is not allowed to be done at night because it will be very risky and worried about getting lost.

Meanwhile, in the other path of Senaru line you do not have to worry about sunburn that burn the skin because on this path shady trees will block the sunlight to the ground. That way you will feel cool during the trip, but [note you need to note the route through Senaru is more difficult than the Sembalun line so you have to prepare extra energy to get through some initial post to reach the last post before facing the sandy terrain that has foiled many climbers who wants to get to the top. Therefore you must be smart to manage your stamina and energy during the climb, never push yourself and continue the journey without resting at all because it will be very detrimental to you later when it is approaching the top of Rinjani.

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